Current Apparatus

Engine Company 8

2003 Pierce Enforcer


Truck Company 10

2007 Pierce 100' Tractor Drawn Aerial

Former Apparatus

If you have any info on any of these wagons or know of one we do not have listed please email the webmaster.  Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Engine Company 8

The "Alpha"

1858 Reaney and Neafie Steam Engine  (ex. Engine Co. 1)

photo courtesy of  Fire Museum of Maryland

1939 Seagrave

1954 Peter Pirsch

1973 Ward LaFrance

1990 Sutphen

Truck Company 10

1888 Hayes Horse Drawn Aerial

(Ladders have been placed on a trailer with skids due to heavy snowfall.)

1916 Christie Tractor w/ an 85' Hayes Aerial

1922 Mack Tractor w/ 85' Hayes Aerial

1957 Peter Pirsch 100' Tractor Drawn Aerial

1974 Seagrave 100' Tractor Drawn Aerial

1995 Spartan/LTI 100' Tractor Drawn Aerial